Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Amethyst

Chakras: Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra
February’s birthstone
Zodiac: Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Sagittarius
Jupiter is a planet
Element: Water and Air
Number 3 in Numerical Vibration
Common colours – From a pale, almost pinkish violet to a rich wine purple

Amethyst is the stone for you if you’re seeking a multifaceted healing stone that will help you on all levels—physically, psychologically, and spiritually!

The amethyst stone connects and balances the mind, body, and spirit, preparing your body for overall wellness.

Meaning of Amethyst
The striking amethyst crystals have a rich history of meanings and properties, all of which are beneficial because they have a reputation for fostering humankind’s highest goals.

The Greek word ametusthos, which means “not drunk,” is where the name amethyst comes from. Ancient Greeks used amethyst because it has long been believed to be effective in preventing addictions and overindulgence.

Amethyst meaning varied over time and countries, which is why the wealth-enhancing Feng Shui meaning of this crystal is different. It was also utilised as a potent instrument in ancient China to cleanse bad energy and drive away dangers from daily life.

Due to the historical notion that amethyst was strong and protecting, soldiers also utilised it during battle. Amethyst was supposed to help with awareness, help with sobriety, and help with overall thinking control.

Ancient Egyptians assigned additional meaning to crystals and wore amethyst jewellery as a defence against guilt and dread as well as a defence against witchcraft. As far back as 4000 BC, there are instances of the amethyst stone being utilised in Egypt.

The Greeks weren’t the only people in Europe who thought that amethysts had medicinal powers. The beauty of this captivating, mysterious diamond captivated people from many different cultures all across the world.

Amethysts have survived in folklore, religion, and history, whether it was because of a link to spirituality, health, or royal ancestry.

Amethyst uses in modern society
According to legend, amethyst has a soothing, calming effect. It is frequently endorsed for mental calmness, meditation, and concentration. Amethyst can also develop spiritual insight and aid to improve intuition. Amethyst is a potent aid in decision-making because of this combination, which enables you to quiet a racing mind and accept and trust your intuition.

The physical, mental, and emotional bodies are connected and harmonised by amethyst as well. More stability can be created and the aura can be cleared. Additionally, it establishes a link between heaven and earth and combines intellectualism with spiritual inspiration.

You can feel the rage, irritation, and wrath leaving your body as soon as you place amethyst on your forehead, navel, or heart.
Amethyst is still highly valued by psychics, mediums, and other divination experts. They frequently use its breathtakingly exquisite violet motifs to decorate sacred spaces.
One of the most spiritually significant crystals will undoubtedly continue to be amethyst.
Feng shui activates the Xun, the area of wealth.

The feng shui bagua’s wealth section, known as Xun in Chinese, is linked to the abundance of all types. Your sense of worth is also related to it. In addition to being connected to the colour purple, this is one of the most well-liked sections of the Bagua. Try setting up an amethyst crystal in your home or bedroom’s Xun area if you want to work on attracting greater abundance into your life, whether it be materialistic or otherwise. Standing outside your home or bedroom and peering inside, locate the far left corner to find Xun or your wealth area.

Make a tranquil bedroom
Amethyst is a fantastic crystal for reducing restlessness because of its capacity to quiet and calm the mind and foster feelings of tranquillity. To promote deeper, more restorative sleep, try putting an amethyst under your pillow or on your nightstand. Amethyst can also aid in dream recall, so if you want to develop a stronger bond with your dream world, you might keep it close to your bed or under your pillow.

Put on amethyst jewellery
Amethyst is a popular stone for jewellery, so wearing some on a regular basis can be a lovely way to engage with its energy. If you wish to connect with your intuition, clear your mind, or regulate your emotions in daily life, wearing amethyst on your body may be extremely beneficial. Find jewellery that speaks to you and that you find attractive while intentionally setting an intention for how it will benefit you.

Use amethyst for meditation
You’ll need your selected crystal and a commitment to practise to begin crystal meditation, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

The key to practising meditation consistently and incorporating it into your self-care regimen is to do so as often as you can. You frequently need it more than ever if you feel rushed, exhausted, or unwell.

Create the atmosphere before you begin. Locate a quiet area, regulate the temperature to your liking, and change the lighting to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing while sitting in any meditation position for a maximum of 20 minutes. Do this every day to see results. 

crystal grids can be used to focus attention during meditation by placing crystals on sacred geometric shapes. These can be set up with a particular problem in mind and left to continue working with energy. The difficulties here could be local, national, or even international in scope.

If you’ve been practising meditation for some time, you can just incorporate the crystal into your routine.

You can also include resources like:

  • incense, candles, and essential oils
  • Purify your amethyst.
  • Prior to starting, you should purify your crystals.
  • This is possible by putting your crystal through the smoke of the incense, particularly sage
  • employing audio, such as singing bowls
  • Leaving your crystal out in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours
  • placing your crystal in a stream of water
  • putting salt water in your crystal
  • the act of placing your crystal within a bowl of brown rice

Make sure to conduct your study before you begin because some cleansing techniques are only suitable for certain crystals.

crystal circles or grids

You can make a crystal grid or circle if you don’t want crystals to come in contact with your body while you’re meditating. Put your crystals in front of you or around you in a deliberate pattern.

Setting crystals on sacred geometry shapes to focus on during meditation creates crystal grids, which are frequently advantageous. You can build these up with a particular problem in mind and then leave them to continue working with energy. These difficulties could be local, national, or even international in scope.


Many people think that using crystals regularly might help with energy healing and meditation. Crystal meditation is unlikely to be detrimental, despite the lack of scientific proof to the contrary.

Whatever the truth, using healing crystals for meditation is still a popular practice.



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