Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine’s Properties:

Colour: yellow, orange, and brown
Chakra: All, but particularly the solar plexus
Vibrations up to 6 Solar systems
Zodiac: Rooster, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Aries
Tai qi (Health), and Xun are Bagua areas (Abundance)
Elements: Earth and Fire

Origin: Brazil, Russia, UK, Pakistan, India, France, and the United States

If you enjoy crystals, you’ve probably heard of Citrine’s therapeutic qualities. It is a stunning stone with a vivid yellow hue that makes you think of the sun’s joys and therapeutic properties.

Even the crystal that gives you Vitamin C for the soul has been dubbed it. But Citrine is much more than just sunny, vibrant energy.

Citrine: The Fundamentals
Citrine is actually a member of the quartz family and typically has a sun-like golden colour. However, it can also come in different hues including orange, brownish yellow, and greenish-yellow.

A majority of the citrine sold today is actually heat-treated amethyst, which is interestingly far rarer than its crystal relative, citrine.
If you know anything about crystals, you are aware that high temperatures can enhance and even alter the colour of crystals. It can also make its flaws obsolete. Heat treatment is the term for this. Amethyst undergoes a colour change and turns into yellow quartz or citrine when heated. This is amazing because it provides Citrine additional healing properties by widening its auric field and destroying any etheric poisons, in addition to changing the hue of the gemstone.Citrines don’t need to be cleansed or recharged as frequently as you might with other crystals or gemstones. It can withstand poisonous energies longer and remain pure and clean!

Despite only being present in trace amounts, citrine may be found in a number of countries including France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Burma, Spain, the United States, and Brazil.

What Does Citrine Mean in Crystal?
Citrine conjures up memories of warmth, the sun, and illumination because of their bright colours. As a result, for hundreds of years, the stones have been associated with love, happiness, and prosperity.

The citrus-coloured gemstone has more recently come to represent vigour, freshness, new beginnings, mental clarity, and emotional well-being—possibly in large part due to the roots of its name.
Because many of the early Citrine stones resembled the sunny yellow colour of citrus fruits, the word “citrine” is derived from the Greek word “citron.”

Here, we’ll go over some of the citrine’s therapeutic benefits in more detail.

What Health Benefits Does Citrine Have?
The stone is reputed to enhance its bearer by boosting their emotional self-worth. Citrine is also said to promote a more uplifting and energetic flow of energy throughout the body.
Physically speaking, the restorative effects of citrine include boosting endurance and enhancing digestion. These stones were utilised by healers in the past to boost the immune system, increase blood circulation, and cleanse the body of pollutants. In essence, citrine can be compared to a gem version of a natural hot spring. The stone was also employed as a defence against poisonous snakes and a means of preventing disease.

What Chakras Can Citrine Help?
Overall, it’s thought that citrine aids in chakra cleansing and intuition window opening, increasing attentiveness and a spiritual connection to oneself. It is said that doing this will increase your wisdom and wit.
Citrine is more precisely linked to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. For creativity and manifestation, the former is essential. To awaken one’s abilities and imaginative creativity, a healthy sacral chakra is essential. Many people think that the energy of the stone enters the body of the bearer directly through the sacral chakra, spreading to the solar plexus and strengthening one’s willpower.

Who Can Wear Citrine?
Anyone can wear citrine, but those experiencing tension in their physical and emotional bodies are especially advised to do so. The stone assists its bearer in realigning and manifesting their best selves.

Not only is citrine a stunning stone with lovely warm undertones that go well with almost any jewellery design, but it also has many other benefits. It also works wonders for clearing chakras and boosting the immune system.

Feng shui uses
The feng shui flow in your home can be enhanced by using citrine as a crystal. Here are a few of our preferred applications for citrine is good feng shui.

Make The Health Area Active
Citrine is a lovely addition to the Tai Qi area of your home because of its warm, earthy colour. Your home’s Tai Qi, which stands for health and wellbeing, is located in the centre. It has a connection to the earth element and is associated with the hues orange, brown, and yellow. Changes in this area of your home will probably have an impact on other areas of your life as well because the Tai Qi is in the centre and affects every area of your space. Try putting a piece of citrine in the Tai Qi area of your home to improve the energy there and promote wellness and vitality.

Get The Wealth Corner going
Citrine naturally connects to wealth, or the region of the feng shui Bagua map that corresponds to abundance and fortune, because of its association with prosperity and abundance. By standing at the front door and peering inside, you can locate your home’s wealth corner. Your wealth area is in the far left corner. Add a piece of citrine to this region of your home if you want to invite greater financial abundance into your life. Citrine can be positioned here with the goal of boosting your personal confidence and belief in yourself because it is also related to self-worth.

Activate Earth Energy
The soil element stands for security, sturdiness, and sustenance. If you feel unrooted or anxious, you might need more earth energy in your life. Citrine in particular has a strong affinity for this element. In general, stones from the earth symbolise earth energy. Working with citrine in your house or carrying citrine about can significantly benefit you in attracting more earth element traits into your life.

Activate Your Wallet
To take advantage of citrine’s association with abundance, keep a little piece of it in your wallet. Citrine promotes kindness. You are more willing to share what you have if you feel abundant. Your ability to preserve wealth for yourself will grow as you experience greater abundance.

Bring Wealth Into Your Workplace
Citrine is a fantastic stone to have in your workstation since it draws abundance. You may wish to put a piece of citrine on your desk or in another area of your workstation, whether you work from home or from an office, with the goal of bringing more success and optimism into your professional life.

Embrace Citrine with your body
The bright and cheery spirit of citrine can be carried with you all day long if you can find a piece you can wear or take with you. You’ll be reminded of your intention every time you wear it, so choose an item you love and set an intention for how it will assist you.

How is citrine cleansed?
Citrine can be cleansed using warm, soapy water, according to the Gemological Institute of America. It will retain the stone’s charge for several weeks if you set it under the full moon for a few hours or under the sun for a short while.

The bottom line
Any crystal collector’s collection would benefit from having citrine. Its uses are as varied as its advantages, it is simple to locate in your local crystal shop, and however, you choose to include it in your spiritual practice, it will undoubtedly help inspire confidence.




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