The aura and energy are heavily affected by the situations and people you interact and connect with. Since you are constantly exchanging energies with the people around you, it is common for your auric field to get weak due to picking on other people’s negative emotions and energy.

As a result, you may feel stressed, anxious, irritated, lethargic, impatient, tired, and even develop a negative outlook towards the world. Your immune system may also take a beating, making you highly susceptible to falling sick.

Luckily, you can clean your aura from the comfort of your own home, all it takes is a little practice. Once you start cleansing your aura, you will experience a drastic difference in the way you feel and return your mind and body to peace.

Here are a few ways you can clean your 

1.Salt Water Bath/shower

Fill the bathtub, add a few drops of lemon essential oil, and a cup of Himalayan pink sea salt. You can start by soaking yourself in the bath for at least 10 minutes, fully immerse your body and head in the tub, Alternatively, if you are taking a shower, take a jug of water and add a full of pink salt and lemon essential oil and visualize your energy and aura is getting repaired and healed as the water drips down your body. Imagine negativity is releasing from your body as the water starts draining. Also, imagine, Pure white light energy flowing through you as you clean your entire body and imagine a white bubbling light surrounding you. 

2. Try burning dried herbs.

People all over the world have long burned certain fragrant herbs to clear negative energy. There are a few herbs that will help you release negativity sage, Frankincense, Loban, Camphor, bay leaves Simply place your dried herb of choice in a fire-safe container and light it until you see a flame. Blow off the fire and give smoke to your own body and the whole house, smoke each and every room Note: If you have asthma or are sensitive to smoke then don’t use this method.

3. Clear out your clutter.

Physical dirt and clutter can make a space feel unwelcoming. Keeping a clean, clutter-free home means negative energy won’t have a place to congregate. Last but not least, open your windows! Allowing fresh air in also lets negative energy out. 


If you usually keep the windows closes, it is important to keep the windows open and let in sunlight and fresh air. You can also add more plants in and around your house for more vitality and positivity. Also, make it a point to remove dying or dead plants immediately.practice all these steps and you will feel lighter and better spiritually and energetically.


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  1. This is definitely very helpful and amazing stuff. The remedies mentioned are simple enough that anyone can do easily.

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