How to Detox your Mind from Negative Thinking

How to detox your mind of negativity and live peacefully.

With spring just around the corner, it can be the right time to detox your mind, let go of any emotion, stress, beliefs or areas of your life that are no longer serving you and make space for all that is vibrant, fresh and new. In essence, thoughts are brain food and Emmet Fox, a spiritual leader of the twentieth century, said:

“The way our bodies function is primarily based on the diet we put in our system. The mind is no different… everything in our lives today is determined by your habitual thinking. The way you have thought in the past has led you to where you are now.”

Along with the thoughts, that are from our past, our present-day lives are full of information that can overload us. The news, videos, email and conversations all clout our brains and cause unnecessary stress. When this happens, the negative vibes begin taking over. If your mindset is negative, your whole well-being is negatively influenced.

The fact is that when it comes to a mental detox you will need to put in some effort. Just like your lifestyle and what you eat can either reignite or limit your body, feeding your mind with positive thoughts and acquiring good habits and keeping it healthy is also very important.

Oftentimes, we are too busy to properly handle our emotions and many just put them aside. We are also not always conscious of where our energy goes. Doing a mental detox is actually about acquiring clarity, staying resilient and gaining control. Having that clarity will help you accept change and better understand your emotional health.

Mind clutter can result in:

  • Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Unhappiness
  • Brain fog
  • Indecision
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Lack of communication
  • Overwhelm
  • Health problems

To avoid such pitfalls, you need to unclutter your mind and reenergize yourself. The following six ways will surely be helpful to free up some mind space and bring back your peace of mind:

1. Do a brain dump:

Most of the time the past holds us and we need to free ourselves from the negative emotions, regrets that haunt us or hold us back. In this case, a very powerful tool to vent out your anger, sadness, anxiety is to start journaling. Writing down your emotions regularly will give you a clear mind.

2. Digital detox:
There are many benefits to taking a digital break. You can start small and gradually build up strong habits.

  1. Keep your cell phones, computers and other gadgets turned off.
  2. Spending time in and with nature is like going for a walk.
  3. Practising deep breathing exercises like yoga.
  4. Taking a bath
  5. Stretching

3. Unsubscribe and unfollow:

We tend to absorb other people’s energies easily. Therefore, it is important to be around people who exude positivity and vibrancy. Mingle with people who add value. The same is the case with the type of information we acquire online. We need to ask ourselves how we can remove, unsubscribe and unfollow to detox our brain.

4. Find a happy place:

Involve yourself in activities like reading, meditation and walking, anything that calms your mind. Or it could be a physical space like a park, a forest, your balcony, or your bedroom. Whenever you realize that your thoughts are turning negative, seek refuge in your sacred place where you can isolate yourself from the rest of the outside world.

5. Stop multitasking:

By now we all know that multitasking is good neither for our brains nor for our productivity. The constant need to do more in less time is causing us more stress. Instead, practice slowing down, not impulsively reacting to every thought or idea. Practising mindfulness is great for clearing your mind.

6. Reset:

At times, the to-do lists seem humanly impossible to accomplish and you feel completely overwhelmed. This is the time to schedule your tasks. Take a paper planner and a pencil and make notes, prioritizing what’s urgent and beneficial at that time. It may sound boring, scheduling in everything but honestly, it will help you in creating the life that you want.

Your turn!

Did you find this post helpful in detoxing your mind? Do let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.


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