It’s all about creating harmonious surroundings and creating good energy that enhances the balance of yin and yang (good and bad) energy.
 I would like to share my few tips on how the ancient art feng shui can attract love and prosperity into your home!
1. De-clutter space 

We tend to collect things and avoid removing even those we no longer have a use for. It is most important to remove those items to promote the flow of energies and invite prosperity and opportunities, give away all the items that are not in use, do not keep broken things at home, Try to make your home and office clutter-free to attract money.







2.Have a water fountain 
Another way to attract the energy of wealth to enter your home is to place a water feature like a fountain in your home. If you are not comfortable with the idea of a water fountain in the house, you can always put up an image of flowing water. Flowing water is a powerful wealth energizer. Make sure the image or the water feature has moving and clean water.

3.Repair broken things
Try and repair that leaking tap, change the light bulb… You don’t want to unnecessarily attract broken or damaged energy, so make sure you keep on top of home maintenance. When you ignore broken things you’re not attracting abundance. When you DO pay attention to broken items you’re setting your intentions to fix things.

4.Indoor plants 

Plants add color, life, oxygen, and positive energy to your home. place any indoor plants to balance energy in your space, plants tend to absorb negative energy from your space and spread good energy. 

5.Place a citrine crystal

Place a citrine crystal in your home In feng shui, citrine crystal is used to attract wealth. Displaying the crystal will attract wealth and prosperity. The crystal is also used to strengthen self-esteem. Another wealth stone is pyrite. You can display these crystals or place a gem tree.


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