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Candle therapy has been used for ages and has been practised by nearly every culture, Candle and its connection to spirituality is very old. The power of candle burning is strong enough to completely alter your state of being. It uplifts your mood and brings a state of calm. In certain religions, they are used during religious rituals and prayers. The energy of the candle is because of its colour and aroma. Each colour serves a different purpose and every aroma awakens different energy. 

Fire Element 

The candle has a fire element Fire is one of the five elements of feng shui. when used properly, the fire element can help improve the energetic circumstances of your life. The energy of the Fire element is the energy of the bright sun, happiness, and powerful achievements. The fire element also brings the energy of strong passion, romance and creativity, It warms your heart, nourishes, and sustains you.

A candle’s flame is a metaphor for the soul – it can bring tranquillity. A candle’s flame denotes the ‘self’.


Candle therapy has been found to help boost our ability to concentrate, whilst simultaneously reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Over time, meditation can help us in our daily lives to be more resilient, more patient, and more focused. It can even help to aid restful sleep.


Candle therapy can be used in many ways- prayers, meditation, Reiki, balancing the chakra, energy healing and many more with the objective of cleansing and healing the body, shifting the energy of the environment and strengthening the body, mind and soul energetically.

How to perform Candle Therapy at Home?

Performing candle therapy is very easy. All you have to do is choose a quiet space in your house. Sit in a comfortable position holding a burning candle in your hand at your chest level make a prayer or set your positive intention, also make sure to use the appropriate colour with your intention, candles vibrate different frequencies within the body and environment, White candles purify the body and bring peace. A black candle burns negative energy. Red candles are burnt for love and passion. They cleanse the root chakra. Green candles promote healing, attract abundance. Orange candles represent confidence and growth – they heal the navel chakra and soothe any emotional traumas. Blue candles are for forgiveness and calmness. Lavender candles soothe the soul while purple candles help enhance your intuition and wisdom. If you want to enhance spiritual healing, burn purple or mouve colour candles, the next step is to Stare at the candle in the most positive way and build a connection between the light of the candle and yourself. Then you can create your reality by using your imagination and feelings. What you wish for will come in keeping in mind there is always divine timing.

Another way of performing candle therapy is by placing a candle at a distance and meditating by concentrating on the burning fire.

One way to light candles and bring affirmations is by saying affirmations and these affirmations are nothing but positive thoughts which you bring into real space. Many would like to think of lighting candles as a positive thinking exercise. Stating affirmations with a lit candle can make the day even more special for you.

It’s a good idea to have a collection of different coloured candles as part of your meditation and prayer practice. Some of the candle colours and their meanings include:

  • GOLD & YELLOW – Strength, confidence, creativity, and wisdom. 
  • PINK – Love, romance self-love
  • LIGHT BLUE – Calmness & Healing
  • ORANGE – Motivation and enthusiasm
  • PURPLE – Peace, Intuition
  •  GREEN – Balance, harmony & abundance
  • Red – Passion, Love and strength

Another way of performing candle therapy is by placing a candle at a distance and meditating by concentrating on the burning fire.

The power of the candle possesses a sense of tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere; therefore, if you allow it to, then the power of the candle will take you to an extraordinary place mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

It is great fun using candles and discovering their power in helping to transform situations in your life. You will find that adding candle work is a wonderful support system in your spiritual practice.

May light and love be with you always!


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  1. It’s great that you talked about candle therapy and how it helps with anxiety and stress. Recently, my wife mentioned she’d like to know more about candle therapy and what she’ll need for it. My wife enjoys meditation and wants to try different techniques, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with her! Thanks for the advice on how candles could improve your therapy.

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