Intuition & Dreams

The most amazing yet common way of tapping into our intuition is through our dreams. All of us dream nightly whether we remember our dreams or not. We can not only remember our dreams but also more importantly interpret what they are telling us.

Dreams can steer us in decision making, connect us with the dear departed ones, warn us of the forthcoming problems and provide inspiration and creativity. The only thing we need to do is to pay attention.

Dreams can provide us with both negative and positive information about ourselves, our acquaintances and life in general. In our sleep, we subconsciously tap into our psychic abilities.

At the onset of our dream interpretation journey, we remember our dreams as images, abbreviated stories of flashes but gradually as we become more attentive, our dreams become more vivid and intuitive.

Types of Dreams

Dreams can be categorized in various ways. We will start with dreams that are closely related to psychic development.

Everyday life
Everyday life dreams are about things happening in our waking life that we are not sure how to handle.

We can acquire information about our mental health, psychological and physical health. We can heal our buried bitterness or anger. We can deal with past issues, present-day concerns, emotional clutter.

Most daily life dreams can be easily interpreted on the surface but they also have a lot beneath the surface. The interpretation creates a link between the conscious and the subconscious mind and helps us to sort out the issues we face in our working life.

We can take the analogy of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg – which we can see above the surface of the water is our conscious mind and the subconscious mind is the majority of the ice under the surface of the water and the water is the collective conscious mind. All our minds are connected together with this collective consciousness.

In our daily life, we are aware of our abilities but at times, unaware of our deeper emotions. These thoughts are hidden by our subconscious mind. Although hidden they tend to have an influence on the conscious mind. That’s why we, at times feel a certain way but cannot give a reason for our feeling that way.

Then there is our higher self, soul or super consciousness. The super consciousness gains access to the collective consciousness through dreams and meditations.

When starting with dream interpretation, it is advisable to get hold of a dream dictionary. You will be able to find collective meanings for particular symbols. But as you move forward on the journey of recording your dreams, you will find that your personal connection is different from the collective meaning. It is alright.

Dreams are directed connections with this unknown, invisible world that we are mostly unaware of in our waking life. Our dreams pass on powerful psychic messages to us. They can even communicate premonitions.

Intuitive precognition (Prophetic dreams)

These are dreams which give information about the future or about the past. The information can be about yourself or about someone else. Prophetic dreams are about knowing about the events of the future. Dreaming is like any other tool used by psychics like astrology, tarot cards, numerology etc.

Prophetic dreams can be a premonition warning us of danger which can be frightening and they can also foretell joys and blessings.

In a way, they are based on precognition.

Soul Lessons
These are dreams that carry a message for you to learn. They come from your higher self. Paying attention and recording the dreams builds a connection between the subconscious, conscious and the superconscious mind.

It is important to set your intention to make a connection with your higher self.

All the dream types interconnect the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious minds. We can engage with our spirits and loved ones once all the dream types work together.

Spirit Communication
These are the dreams where a departed loved one or a spirit guide visits you to engage with you. These dreams do not work with your conscious or subconscious mind and neither are they the lessons of your soul.

Spirit communication dreams are those where someone crosses the realm of the spiritual to the world of the physical.

You might be visited to be guided about a current issue or to be informed that they are fine.

One can experience spirit communication in ones waking life too.

Spirit communication is always different from a dream in which you merely wish you could communicate with a deceased loved one.

It is a spirit communication dream if you receive prophetic information which comes true later. On waking up you feel their energy like a familiar scent or anything else.

To conclude, dreams are much more than what they appear to be. They are a bridge to the subconscious realm and a tool to access the unknown.


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