Everything in life can be interpreted as a form of energy or a series of vibrations. When we experience negative vibrations or energy, we can become fearful, unhappy, over-emotional, angry etc. Good energy can induce happiness and the vast range of feelings that come with contentedness.

Just like all living beings, flowers have energy vibrations of their own. These unique vibrations vary with different flower essences. Some have the ability to introduce positive qualities in the consciousness that can help force out negative vibrations of the mind. Flower essences are believed to also strengthen the qualities a person already possesses.

Flower energy healing remedies generally impact our emotional states, because each emotion carries a specific vibrational frequency. Each essence has a unique vibration that can affect these frequencies.

It is believed that by raising one’s vibration frequency, a person can achieve new or higher levels of consciousness.

One of the most famous names associated with the unique use of plants in healing is Dr Edward Bach of England (1886 – 1936).  Edward Bach discovered that certain flowering plants are able to alleviate human emotional and physical problems.  Bach learned to extract the essence or vibratory imprint from particular flowers and to transfer this energy imprint into pure water – which is then ingested orally or placed sublingually. These nonmaterial essences function as vibrational medicine – healing energy.  The flower essences work on the multidimensional mind-body-spirit being.  

The flower essences work to balance, unblock and harmonize the various subtle and fine energy systems of the body-mind-spirit being. They are gentle but effective in helping a willing person bring about change and heal himself. you can keep flowers around you in your living room and your bedroom wherever you want to uplift and elevate the energy, you can use flower essences as well. 

Here are some of my favourite Flower Essences:

1) Dandelion for Emotional Trauma
(consult a doctor if you have a serious health concern) 

Dandelion is considered one of the most beneficial healing herbs. Dandelion is a detoxifier that works on the emotional and mental being of a person, said to release repressed emotions of anger, grief, trauma and therefore aiding in the easement muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders.
Dandelion tea drinkers often refer to a calmness achieved even for those with a self-described ‘over-active mind’. Dandelion is said to aid in the relaxation of the mind that allows a person to be fully present in the moment.

2) Rose(Heart Healer) for Love
This flower embodies love. The healing energy of Roses helps us to face the dark, unloved parts of ourselves and transforms them with the light of compassion. This flower essence has the power to turn negativity completely around, erase past wounds and instil positive feelings in its place.

If you’re feeling unloved, envious, hostile or angry, Roses can offer a deep reconnection with yourself; it opens the heart centre and reminds us that love and happiness can only be found within. You can drink rose tea, keep roses in your bedroom and use rose essences to bring more loving energy to your life.

3) Lavender for Patience and Gentleness
The nature and colour of every plant reflect the quality it can heal or build within a person. Lavender is a remedy for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it.

Use the essences and keep flowers around you, Over time, you will notice that you will become more relaxed and your pace is less hurried. If you suffer from panic disorders like claustrophobia, dyspnea and tachycardia, then this is the essence for you. It develops ease of mind, peace, tranquillity and forgiveness. It teaches us to how to stop and smell the roses!

4. Jasmine for Grounding and Healing
This flower essence teaches us how to ground ourselves within empathy and become more self-loving in those moments. It helps us understand where we need to create boundaries. It is perfect for those who carry the world’s pain, make mountains out of molehills, cannot see the bigger and brighter picture and have anxiety because of it.
This essence is recommended for overstressed or new mothers or anyone who would like to let go of unhealthy codependent relationships.
Here are some ways to use flowers and flowers essences
Make your own Flower Essences.
You can make your own flower essences if you have access to flowers nearby. All you need is clean water or well water, a little vinegar and a dropper or spray bottle,
Fill the bottle with water, add 5 tablespoons of vinegar add flower petals and it’s ready, try not to use a plastic bottle use a glass bottle.
  • Decant into a spray bottle
    You may spray it onto the body. It can also be used for insect bites, bruises or burns. Flower essences can also be used as an alternative to incense sticks, it clears negative energy and cleanse auric fields. Spray them onto Clothes or Pillow
    This is a great way to get a good night’s sleep. When doing this, the flower essence works on you all through the night and since the subconscious is all about surrender, the effect can be even better!

  • Add to Drinks
    You can add a recommended dose into beverages like juice, teas, milk or just water. This dilution does not affect its power. You can sprinkle it onto food or drinks for yourself or others, even pets.
  • Drops in the bath
    Add your dose or intuitively follow how much you’d like to add into your bath. Soak in it for a minimum of 30 minutes and relax.
    There isn’t an ailment in the world that nature cannot cure. It is about working with nature, using and not abusing it. When we are in sync with it, we will be guided intuitively on how to heal ourselves. We must learn to listen with our hearts first.


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