Intuition is the ability to understand and feel immediately without logical reasoning and is sometimes explained as a ‘gut feeling’ and ‘sixth sense’ about the rightness or wrongness of a person, place, situation, or object, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind. It creates  also  a strong sense of something is going to happen or something has happened to a person,

it does not generally contain language centers, thoughts or ideas coming from the right brain are often communicated in pictures and feelings – flashes of inspiration, coming from our subconscious, that we may then call intuition

Alternatively, your intuition may speak to you in physical sensations, such as goosebumps, discomfort in your gut, a feeling of relief, or a sour taste in your mouth.

You may receive intuitive messages through your emotions, such as feelings of uneasiness or confusion when your inner wisdom is steering you away from something – or feelings of euphoria and profound peace when you’re being guided down a path that will lead you to greater personal joy and abundance.

Sometimes intuitive messages are simply a deep sense of knowing and certainty. If you’ve ever felt that you knew something to be true in the depths of your heart or soul, chances are it was a message from your intuition.

In contrast, deeper knowledge and insight is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of a problem. Examples include Darwin, Einstein, and Freud’s theories of natural selection, relativity, or the unconscious; respectively. Many cultures name these concepts and acknowledge their value, and insight is recognized as particularly characteristic of eminent achievements in the arts, music, sciences, politics, and spirituality.

Follow your heart and follow your intuition – Steve Jobs 

Why some people are more intuitive

So why do some people appear more intuitive than others? Some of us are more naturally right-brain dominated, as our right brain is our intuitive and creative brain, which can make accessing intuition a more natural activity. We can become more balanced in our outlook by understanding which activities are located in which hemisphere of the brain and accept that by using both hemispheres of our brain equally we can be doubling our capacity.

How to develop your intuition 

Pay attention to your energy. How do you feel around a co-worker or potential customer, relatives, and friends, in a mall at public places what is your energy like?  Drained or energized? Using your intuition to read people can make you a more effective leader or negotiator in your business dealings. The best way is to keep your judgmental mind aside and focus on the other person without judgment and feel the vibe that you receive will never lie to you.


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  1. it means they are connceted to you in some way, meditate on your vision you will get more clarity and visions, relax your mind and then focus on the person intuitively.

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