Hibiscus flower meanings include ephemeral beauty, romantic love and passion, friendship, hospitality, and joy.

The quintessential tropical flower, the hibiscus originated in Asia and then made its way to other warm places around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, and the Caribbean. Not only are hibiscus flowers considered beautiful, but they also have significant spiritual meanings in many cultures.

It grows beautifully in Pakistan because of our climate. While most commonly used as a decorative element, these flowers also offer culinary and medicinal, and spiritual uses.

Hibiscus Flower Spiritual Meaning
The Hibiscus flowers have a whole ‘story’ of spiritual meanings and use. Let us have a deeper look into it. Hibiscus flowers are generally known to repel negativity and the evil eye. Ancient people used to carry a pack of dried petals for attracting good luck, love, and a soul mate. wise people use it to attract love, evil eye protection, and meaningful dreams.

Because hibiscus flowers are symbols of ephemerality, they are also symbols of opportunity. They remind you to seize the moment, as it may not come again.

Romantic Love and Passion 
Because of their bright red and hot pink blossoms, hibiscus flowers also symbolize romantic love and affection. These flowers are the perfect gift for a lover. And if you’re single, they are considered good luck for bringing more romance into your life and for helping you find your soul mate.

The hibiscus totem is also a helpful symbol for bringing more beauty, love, and romance into your life. Our spiritual journeys here on Earth can be filled with challenges, the hibiscus flower reminds us to recognize the beauty and joy on our spiritual journeys as well.

How to use Hibiscus flower 

  • To use the hibiscus flower spiritually keep some petals in a cloth bag in your purse or handbag to create an energy of protection.
  • Add some dried hibiscus flower to a glass bowl and keep it on your nightstand to attract love and compassion in your life.
  • Sleep with a hibiscus next to you or under your pillow in order to improve the chances of prophetic dreams.

Hibiscus Flower Tea
Not only are these flowers beautiful, but they also offer food and medicinal benefits. Hibiscus flower is commonly used to make tea. Not only does hibiscus tea have a tasty tart flavor that’s similar to cranberries, but it’s also loaded with healthy antioxidants and other anticancer compounds.

benefits of including hibiscus tea in your diet

The hibiscus plant is known to have a number of medicinal properties making it a safe and healthy addition to your everyday routine. Like all herbal teas, this quick and easy to make Hibiscus tea also offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure – reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Super rich in antioxidants – helps protect your cells and prevents damage from free radicals
  • Immunity booster – stimulates T cells and B cells
  • Lowers cholesterol – hibiscus tea helps reduce blood fat levels
  • Helps with period pains – also decreases hormonal imbalance
  • Removes toxins from the body – improves liver functions

How to make Hibiscus Tea

  • 2 cups fresh hibiscus flowers or ½ cup dried hibiscus flowers.
  • 8 cups water
  • ¼ cup honey add more if you like your tea sweeter
  • 3 tablespoons Fresh Lime Juice
  1. If using fresh hibiscus flowers, remove the calyx or the green part at the base of the flower to which the stem is attached. You can also remove the pistil which is the thin thread-like tube in the middle of the flower which has pollen attached to it or you can choose to keep it! You don’t need to do this if you are using dried flowers.
  2. Bring the hibiscus flowers and water to a boil in a large pot. Once the water starts boiling, switch off the flame and cover the vessel. At this point, you can also add other herbs or add basil, lemongrass, lemon zest, etc. Let the tea steep for 15-20 minutes. Mix in the honey and lime juice until completely combined. Strain the tea.
  3. You can either serve hibiscus tea warm or you can chill it in the refrigerator
  4. for a couple of hours. Either way, it tastes delicious!

How to make Hibiscus Tea for weight loss
Weight loss being a major goal of almost everyone’s life, it will be a grave mistake to not share the ‘how to make hibiscus tea for the people striving for weight loss! So, here it goes:

  • Step 1- Simply boil a cup of water in a boiling pot and add 1-2 tablespoons of tea.
  • Step 2- Let it simmer for about 4-5 minutes. Add more tea if you prefer a stronger bitter taste.
  • Step 3- Add cinnamon powder or ½ inch stick into the water while it’s brewing to enhance the flavor. You could also add ½ lemon juice into the tea as lemons also aid in weight loss.
  • Step 4- Since you are consuming this tea for weight loss, avoid honey or natural sugar. You can add 0 calorie sugar substitutes like Stevia for sweetness.

Plants and herbs have been used since the dawn of time to treat a variety of physical and mental troubles. When you need your spirits revitalized, take time to look into your options and discover a natural way to center yourself and promote a sense of serenity.


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